Nominated for 4 music awards at Nova Scotia Music Week 2023,
Halifax, Nova Scotia
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Harmonizing Community

In the bustling streets of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Jah’Mila’s reggae-infused melodies carve a path through the cultural tapestry of the city. A singer-songwriter with roots tracing back to Jamaica, Jah’Mila’s musical journey reflects not only her artistic prowess but also the warmth of a community that embraced her when she sought solace in a new home seven years ago.

“Coming from Jamaica to Halifax and moving to a new place is terrifying. But when you have a community that’s welcoming, encouraging, and respectful. That makes a big difference.”

For Jah’Mila, music was a constant companion from childhood. “I can’t remember a time I wasn’t in music in one way or another,” she reflects, highlighting her diverse musical upbringing, from TV ads to church choirs. However, it wasn’t until five years ago that she decided to take her love for music to a professional level.

“We really made music for our own fulfillment, and as the offers come in, you have to rise to the occasion of those opportunities that are coming towards you.”

As Jah’Mila delves into the essence of her music, she paints a picture of reggae blended with soul, a reflection of her Jamaican roots and the diverse influences that shaped her.

“I play reggae music, but also like soul as well. Because yes, I love to sing soul music. So you’ll hear reggae soul, that sort of vibe. We have some love songs. I have some songs talking about my evolution as a woman and as a human being. And I have songs about social issues, like the Black Lives Matter movement.”

Jah’Mila was nominated for four awards at Nova Scotia Music Week 2023, and was recently honored with the Black Artists Recognition Award. Her excitement is palpable as she navigates through the significance of the event and its impact on her artistic journey.

“Nova Scotia Music Week is important for us to be able to connect with a community of creative artists in the city and in the province.”

In discussing the importance of funding in the arts through programs like Support4Culture,  Jah’Mila is an advocate for comprehensive support systems.

“It’s important to foster arts in terms of not only funding, but opportunities and workshops,” she articulates. “Funding is the backbone, but ultimately, the infrastructure for support around the arts should be designed to optimally support the independent artists.”

Jah’Mila shares insights into her latest song, “East Coast Family,” a collaborative effort celebrating the power of community and diversity. “Each verse is taken by one of the featured artists, representing some of the cultures that make this place as magical as it is,” she explains, tying her music back to the themes of unity and shared experiences.

Jah’Mila reflects on her journey with gratitude. Her story is not just about making music but creating connections that transcend borders, bringing people together through the harmonies of her Jamaican heritage. In Nova Scotia, she found not just a place to live but a stage where her voice resonates, echoing the rhythms of her past while harmonizing with the heartbeat of Halifax’s musical scene.